2x25 - 5x12 Goodbye Mona Vanderwall

Mona’s first and last lines

'Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin… One cannot exist without the other'

Alison is my favorite character in the entire show or any show… Love how she’s always the one in charge and everyone’s playing her game without even noticing. I could believe she’s A. Or what if she trapped the liars by making them go and confess? And was the Cyrus flashback real?
Mini Theory

Ok so am I the only one who thinks Bethany was another child of Mrs. Dilaurentis? That’s why we’ve never seen what she looks like and Mrs. Dilaurentis told her to call her Aunt Jessie and took her places. Maybe she suffered from an illness that made her not remember things and she didn’t remember that Mrs.D was her mother. Or Mrs.D gave her up when she was really young and then felt bad about it? Since they’re not going with the twin theory they might be going with a sibling of Alison


Spencer is done with ur shit

so close to reaching that famous happy ending.

so close to reaching that famous happy ending.

the girls being a little too aggressive defending each other