Spencer is done with ur shit

so close to reaching that famous happy ending.

so close to reaching that famous happy ending.

the girls being a little too aggressive defending each other

4x13 “Grave new world”

First of all, I managed to get through the day without any spoilers which was awesome

1.I loved their costumes

2.“It’s Ezra he might be worried about me” The IRONY

3. Who would have thought Hanna would be the first one to come this close to the twin theory Hanna FTW

4.Another question: How the hell do you replace a human with a huge statue within a tenth of a second?

5. The Haleb momentttt *heart mealts*

6. Ezria kiss is still adorable even if he wants to kill her

7.OMGGGG WHEN ALI APPEARED!! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y “Did you miss me?” *dies*. Sasha Pieterse looked so great in this episode! Just the fact that we waited for like 4 years for this!

Overall it wasn’t that disappointing however I still think they could have staged the reveal a bit better and they should have given more clues in the episode

Favorite character: Hanna Marin

Least favorite: Ezra Fitz




So who’s excited for tonight???? I know I am!

"It’s a joke."